Hello gents, let's talk about deposits. I'm sure everyone reading this can understand the concept of a deposit to hold your appointment. I also know that this is a murky business and presents a lot of mistrust. I work very hard to provide a window into my life to give a sense of trust before we even meet. If you have taken the time to check out my social media pages, you know that I run more than one business. I ask all of my customers to provide a deposit to secure my time. I would never compromise my integrity by running off with a few dollars. I value my suitors and appreciate your interest in seeing me over so many other fabulous ladies. If we have a session scheduled and you have paid a deposit and need to reschedule, please let me know promptly. Your deposit is good for two weeks should you need to reschedule. You have one reschedule within two weeks to make my acquaintance before your deposit is made an inconvenience fee. I will not confirm any appointment with a deposit. Deposits can change depending on the length of our session. I will only provide payment options after your screening application has been submitted and accepted. Please understand I am welcoming you into my home and will not do so lightly. I hope you take the time to google me to see my reviews to provide some comfort in the booking process. Hopefully, we get to meet soon to show you what makes me such a sought-after lady.