FMTY dates are a great way to see me for suitors who travel or are not in Georgia. Suitors submit your application with the desired date and length you'd like my company. Please specify the airline I will be traveling with if booking the flight. I ask that you avoid very early flights and flights with layovers. I prefer round-trip flights for my peace of mind.  All deposits are due at least a week before departure. The deposit amount will be based on the time (24,48, or 72 hours). Deposits are always 10% of the selected time requested. If there are planned activities, please provide a few details about the plan so I may dress accordingly. I adore cuddling but ask that the room have two beds for comfort. Please be available to pick me up or arrange transportation to collect me from the airport.  I would like to shower and change after traveling before any outings. I am very open-minded and adventurous so let's try new things together and make our time memorable. Booking as far in advance as your schedule allows will allow me to plan the perfect surprises for our time together. Let me be your destination girlfriend!