Limited Schedule

Thank you for bearing with me through a challenging time to my suitors who have seen me in May. Due to the recent significant family changes, my schedule is minimal. I'm doing this to allow myself much-needed time off to grieve. My intimate sessions will start at two hours, and massage sessions will begin at ninety minutes. Private sessions will be accepted less often until they are completely phased out soon. I appreciate all the lovely gents who make my life brighter by reading and following directions. I will remind returning suitors that sending a deposit is required to ensure I am available for every booking. Please fill out the application for my future suitors and text me when you have finished. If you fill out the app later than 8 pm, your appointment request must be for at least 24 hours after. Weekend appointments should be booked by Thursday before the requested weekend. Booking an appointment with short notice will result in an additional fee of $100. 

I am on a social media break for personal reasons and don't have a time frame for reactivating my accounts. I do have a much-needed hiatus coming up from 6/20 until 6/30. I will update my photos only on my website only in the future.